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  Are You Ready For a Pet Bunny?




   So the big question is are you ready for a bunny? Well the answer to that is based on five simple things. Do you have time, money, space, and enough commitment and responsibility to care for a bunny? Bunnies need 2 hours a day of simple running around and exercise time. You also need to consider the money you need to set up the rabbits cage and care for when he or she becomes ill. But most people have those down with no problem at all, but when it comes down to commitment and responsibility the rabbit loses this with its owners. Some families when getting a bunny don't realize that having a bunny is a lot of responsibility and even commitment. You need to maintain a clean and funk free cage, fresh water, fresh food, clean bowls, and fresh veggies every day, and even hay all the time. Also, did you know rabbits can live for 8- 10 years if taken very good care maybe even longer? Rabbits are placed in shelters most times because people don't realize what kind of a responsibility rabbits can be. So if your starting out on your very first bunny I would suggest getting one only. If your not so keen on having a strong smell then go with a female. I for one am a proud owner of not one, not two, but three bunnies. I can tell you first hand they are a handful to take care of but I would not give them up for anything. Oreo my Himalayan rabbit is about 8 years old today and  she despite many problems she had been through is a strong spirited bunny. She proves everyone that meets her what a excellent bunny she is. She cuddles with people, plays with you, gives you bunny kisses and hugs, and even thumps when she knows your upset! How intelligent is that? Bunnies make great pets, but you would definitely need to consider the commitment you would need to make for your new pet.

Space:  When providing adequate space for your bunny always find out what breed it is, and how big is can get. Like Flemish Giants are the largest of all the 37 breeds and the New Zealand dwarf is one of the smallest of the breeds. There are 37 pure bred breeds but having a mixture of some isn't bad either. Always find out how big they can become so you know exactly how large the cage must be and to better provide space for your bunny.

Time:  Do you have at least 2 hours a day to give your bunny free time out of his or her cage to run around and play. This is a good time to bond with your bunny and to have fun watching them jump and kick in the air. sometimes if you pay attention to your rabbit you can catch them doing 180's. My one bunny loves to show off.

 Money:  Do you have enough money to cover food, hay and a variety of veggies? Also, you need to consider Veterinarian visits as well if needed. Its always nice to have them checked up at least once a year to make sure they are all healthy and good to go.

Commitment:  Are you ready to commit yourself to your bunny? He or she may live anywhere between 8 - 10 years. Also note that the older they get the more calmer and more bonded they will get with you as time goes on. I've owned Oreo for 3 years when I adopted her and she has never once bit me or anyone else, cuddles with people, and is great with kids.

Responsibility:  Are you ready to take on having a bunny? Rabbits are great animals and can make a great addition to your family. They are loving and comical to own and be apart of your family. With all the stated things above considered and if you think your ready for it then find one that you like and give him or her a loving home. Always remember adopt don't buy for a pet store as they are guaranteed a place till they are bought but some shelters cannot promise the same thing. But if your totally ready for a rabbit to be apart of your family today you can see some of the bunnies we have up for adoption today.

Our Full 117 Page E-Course is Here! Own it Today!

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