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Below are some other great websites that may interest you. You can click them to check out  for other animal adoptions and other great things.

Disclaimer: While we personally visit and examine each site listed on our webpage before adding them, we can not guarantee their contents. Please browse with care.

Adoption Links:    This is a new animal rescue that is working toward obtaining its nonprofit status. They are located in Brooklyn, NY and take in a wide range of animals.

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Here's a great web site for Pet Iguana Care products, information, and so much more:

Spirit Remains - Custom Pet Urns
Choose a custom pet urn to provide a pleasant reminder of your pet. We specialize in unique and lighthearted dog urns and cat urns when only the spirit remains.

Cozy Pets Sitting Service
Cozy Pets offers affordable Pet Sitting in the comfort of your pet's own home. Your pet doesn't have to leave the home and be placed in unfamiliar surroundings.

Visit This Selection of Great Websites

Pet Carriers, Pet Crates & Pet Doors - Pet amenities features discount pet supplies.
Discount Pet Supplies & PetSafe Dog Fences - Discount Pet Superstore offers PetSafe Wireless Dog fences for less.
Discount Baby Gates by KidCo - Full line of baby gates and child safety products with free shipping.
Discount Dog Gates - Full line of dog gates for tall, wide, and stair mounting.
Discount Pet Gates - Full line of pet gates at discount pricing with free shipping.
Pigeon Control & Repellent - Bird Evictors has pigeon control, and bird repellent with fast, free shipping.
Invisible Dog Fence - PetSafe, Innotek & Invisible Fence brand electric dog fence information can be found here.
Discount Pet Doors - Pet doors for walls, patio doors, & interior pet doors by PetSafe.
White Bellied Caiques - Pet Birds - Parrot Babies and Breeders.
Survival Food-Long Term Food, Storage, sanitation, first-aid, lighting, and much more!
Humane Live Animal Traps - Traps and bait for animals and birds - Free Shipping.





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