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Tips you should consider before Buying or adopting Pet Rabbits



Tip 1. Some things to consider when buying/ adopting bunnies is that having him or her neutered or spayed will make caring for them better and easier for you. Bunnies are like cats they can be litter box trained and I have found it's easier when  they are altered. Having your bunnies litter box trained will make cleaning their cage easier and less smelly for you as their owner. Some good options for materials used in the litter box is hay, wood chips, or non-harmful litter box material fillings. Your Bunny will chew what is inside there litter box so make sure it's bunny safe if digested when  you use it.

Tip 2. Something very important to know about rabbits is that they need hay everyday and all day. Rabbits are grazers, and  also hay helps them digest their food easy through their body. It's one thing they cannot go without! They also need good amounts of Veggies in there diet as well to expand their diets to get all the nutrients they need. Pellets are good but veggies are also just as important. Some veggies to consider are collard greens, parsley, romaine( best of the lettuce group, iceberg is ok but has no nutritional value), dark leaf lettuce suck as red leaf or green leaf, basil, and dandelion greens ( too much can cause soft stools, feed this in moderation)

Tip 3. Before getting a bunny make sure you have a veterinarian that is familiar in caring for bunnies. Bunnies are not like cats or dogs so making sure they know about bunny care is also important.

Tip 4. Another thing is if you plan to have more than one rabbit get a pair that has already been bonded and are also altered. Bunnies are complicated when trying to bond because you cannot have two unaltered males together as they will fight and can get seriously injured and females tend to fight sometimes as well. But if altered it is  easier to bond them but sometimes may take time to achieve this.

Tip 5. Also, when buying food for your bunny always make sure its not high in proteins and calories as this can contribute to obesity in your rabbit. One example of food to high in proteins and calories is alfalfa pellets and hay. This has been thought to contribute to obesity in many rabbits. Timothy brand pellets and hay is best for rabbits. Check the content of the food when getting it, and make sure the protein and calories are low. Also, carbohydrates and sugar is bad for them as well. So don't give them too much fruits and if you do use fruits just use a very small amount. Rabbits cannot digest sugars like humans can but just like humans they crave things they aren't suppose to have!

Tip 6. When arranging you rabbits cage make sure what ever you place inside is bunny safe. Any rug with a rubber bottom is unsafe as your rabbit may chew and ingest the rubber which will cause GI complications in your rabbit making him or her unhealthy and sick or could kill your rabbit. If you place anything plastic inside just make sure its safe and cannot be eaten or choked on.

Tip 7. A VERY IMPORTANT FACT is that bunnies teeth continually grow and therefore need to chew on safe wood blocks which keep the teeth filed down. I would suggest you check their teeth at least every other week or monthly to make sure they are not  growing out of control.

Tip 8. Just so you all know now that bunnies love to chew and to explore their surroundings. When you let your bunny play and run around your home make sure your house is bunny safe. Don't leave something in their reach that can harm them such as electrical wires. You can solve small wiring issues by cutting some fish tubing and coving the wire with the tubing. Also, don't leave your plants in reach of your bunny as he or she will munch on them as well.

Tip 9. We prefer for all rabbits to be house rabbits, but if you choose to raise your rabbit outside, or maybe just spend some time outside for playtime and exercise, make sure your rabbit is in a secured area, away from potential predators. On the product page you can find a harness and a pen, rabbit hutches and runs which you can use if you plan to watch and give your rabbit free time to run outside.  Don't have your rabbit in direct sunlight as that can cause heat stroke and well cause illness. Your rabbit could develop a head tilt due to environmental stresses which may or may not be curable Also, if you have your rabbit inside don't leave him or her under the air conditioner as dust can irritate the respiratory track and they can get sick.

Tip 10. Your rabbit will need at least two hours free time to run around and play. They need exercise to prevent obesity and it's great to watch them play. And enjoy having your bunny being apart of your family. They are great pets to have to be apart of your family.

Our Full 117 Page E-Course is Here! Own it Today!

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