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Welcome to the Bunny Adoption Center

  It's always a great thing to adopt a bunny as the ones you see in stores have a place to stay and are fed while the ones that are in shelters and adoption agencies are in desperate need for homes! Sometimes rabbits are put down because homes could not be found for them. Some adoption agencies are non-profit where they use the money you give them to pay for the needs of the animals they have. When adopting a bunny you are saving his or her life and giving them another chance to a better and more meaningful life. Also, when you adopt a bunny from an adoption agency or adopt from a rescue shelter &  the hassle of having him or her neutered or spayed is already done for you. This would make your lives as the rabbit owner a whole lot easier. When going to stores and buying a bunny you often find yourself paying more then you need to on bunnies.  Below are some of the bunnies we have up for adoption that I am fostering and looking for homes. Some other links of animals that are up for adoption are on the other great websites page.   Remember, save a life and adopt today!!

Rabbit Adoptions: The following are currently up for adoption. Contact us today to adopt your new rabbit!

Call me at (718) 427-3267 or email me at  . We are located in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. If you would like to meet the bunnies before you adopt them you can make plans with me to do so. These bunnies need forever homes where they can get the love and care they deserve. We can discuss the suggested adoption price.


*** If you don't see any rabbits up check back soon as many come in and need homes ***

For Adoption:

Sorry, no Current Adoptions Available, please check back soon.



Gremlin- 6 months old female mini lop, litter box trained and sweet. This little girl has quite the personality and energy as well. Gremlin is not spayed and must go to a home where she can be an only bunny as she does not get along with other buns. 40 dollar suggested adoption fee.



This little cutie is 1 years old and is spayed. She is a dwarf rabbit and is white with some silver color on her ears and nose. Adoption fee $25.00


  Rascal- This big guy is already neutered and is so lovable! He loves to have his face massaged and absolutely loves his collard greens!! He likes to lounge around in his cages all spread out like he's super bunny!! He is a Flemish mix and just so adorable with his huge ears. He can be bonded with most rabbits if you previously have one.




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