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Hello Bunny Lovers!!!


(Chip left and Oreo right)

     Hi! I'm Oreo and I'm going to tell you my life story and why its' so important that you pay close attention to your bunnies! Some of you may already know the joys in owning us bunnies but for those of you that don't I hope you do. I was adopted by my owner in June of 2003 and was adopted with my best friend in the world Chip who sadly isn't here with me today to tell you this story. Before my owner was so kind to adopt me and my best friend Chip we were living in horrible conditions. Our previous owner didn't take care of us very well and when we were picked up we were encrusted in our own feces and were not fed well. We were taken in by an adoption agency which cleaned us up and took care of us till finally our wonderful owner took us in. There was 250 - 300 bunnies in there agency that were looking for homes at that time and were being put down because there were so many of us. I was adopted in mid June and was giving a new life and was cared for in many ways. By late Aug I came down with an ear infection and I don't know why. Because I'm a prey animal I like to hide my illnesses so it took time for my owner to see my signs of illness. I was rushed to the vet to be checked out and given antibiotics, but because that veterinarian didn't know much about bunnies I was given the wrong kind of antibiotics! But because my owner cared so much about me she was smart enough to look for an antibiotic which cured my ear infection but because it took time to take care of it I have a permanent head tilt. Even though I have this head tilt and I may look funny I still don't let it get me down and still enjoy the joys of life! I survived my head tilt but a year later around Feb my best friend Chip came down with an ear infection. I still don't know how he or even how I came down with this as my owner took very good care of him and I. But he didn't show his signs of an ear infection till it was a little to late. He lost the ability to use his hind legs first and then his front. as his head tilt got worse he was unable to drink or eat on his own as he could not stand. He would just lie hopelessly on his back or plastered to the floor he was not getting better. The same antibiotic that my owner used on me didn't not work on him as he was to far gone in his ear infection. My owner then realized it was not worth watching him suffer as he could not manage to get to our litter box, eat or drink on his own and would roll on the floor in pain and not stand on his own four feet. So my owner took him to the veterinarian and they helped him cross rainbow bridge into bunny heaven. But for me I have survived to tell the tale of my dear best friend and to tell you just how important it is to make sure you care for your bunnies. My owner did everything in her power to take the greatest care for us.. its just that us bunnies like to hide our illnesses as we are prey animals. Even though I have been through a lot I still live a healthy life and my owner loves me and cares for me even though I am handicapped. I now have two new best friends that love me and care for me just as Chip did. And we all have the greatest care givers that care and love us all. Well I enjoyed sharing my story with you and I hope you all know now that its' very important that you pay close attention to us bunnies as we're silly and hide our sicknesses. Well got to go.. Rascal and Nibbler want to play so take care!

~ Oreo~


  Hi I'm Kayla and I'm the owner of all three of the bunnies you seen on this sites home page. Having bunnies is not all about bad things. I've owned bunnies for a long time and I know that having one apart of your family is great. To watch them run around and play is always amusing and to watch 2 or more caring for one another is always a cute site. But proper rabbit care is very important and also knowing your rabbits normal behaviors from not normal behavior is just as important! The above story is true about Oreo and her best friend Chip who is not around today to tell you about his story. I would like to remind you to always make sure your veterinarian is specialized in your bunny because sometimes things happen and they prescribe things that are not good for them but are good for dogs and cats. Oreo was the first to come down with the inner ear infection and was prescribed amoxicillin which is not good for rabbits and from what I found online it could kill your rabbit. I did find that batril  is great to help ear infections and some other sicknesses. When you have a bunny you need to know how your bunny looks and his or her regular behavior which helps you determine if he or she is sick. Bunnies hide their illnesses because in the wild that is what bunnies do. They hide them to prevent themselves looking vulnerable to their prey. So with Oreo I knew right away she was not acting right when she would not play and walk around . With Chip I did not know till he had it for a little while. With an ear infection it affects the legs and head. They could become paralyzed and that is what happened to Chip and so I no other choice but to have him put down. He lost the ability to walk and do daily functions on his own and was suffering. Batril is a good drug but it works better on some bunnies then others. Bunnies make great pets but always make sure you know how to give proper care and make sure you know how your bunny acts normally. Oreo lives a happy life even though she has a head tilt and functions normally. She plays with Nibbler and Rascal and they care for her the same way that Chip did. Oreo has had her head tilt for about 3 years now and shows everyone that even though she has her head tilt she is just like the other bunnies. Well thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you the best for your bunnies and happy shopping!!

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